Hello Holy City!

Hi, I’m Kegan, owner and builder at TimberKeg. I’ll be sharing my school of hard knocks journey on how I’m building this business, and furniture right here on this website. Read if you’re curious! I started building furniture 4 years ago on the side and now do it full time. Simply put, I wanted a different way to make a living, as well as build a  business and not just a chair. The process of building a business, growing a business is a challenge, but not impossible. Over the years whenever I had the chance to ask a self employed person how they started their business their reply was always “it’s hard work,” but this answer never made sense, being the perpetual employee, I was already working hard. Perhaps those folks meant to imply that it was harder than being employed, who knows. Ultimately I think the opposite is true, it’s harder to be an employee than it is to be self employed. I guess I just think differently, maybe you do too. If you do and you have a hard time breaking out into a dream business idea, or you just want to here about all the stupid mistakes I’ve made on this furniture journey, perhaps you want insight on how to build too, then check up on my ramblings from time to time right here at TimberKeg.com 🙂

God bless Holy City!

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